where my muse is,  my ink flows…

Let my lips and yours entwine

Like the feel on the tongue 

from tasting perfect wine…. 

On your body i wish

 mine would dine…. 

That all of you I can explore 

and you’ll be forever mine

I’d busy my mouth all over your bosom… 

My yearn for you will continually blossom…


With grace she passes

           ‘long my way

I will profess 

            my love today

I will beg her with me to stay 

An hour or two 

              or even a day
To approach you such grit 

    I do so crave

When I see you 

in the river you lave 

At Church I’m present to look in the nave 

Oh! What I will give, for you to wave
This feeling burns in me 

Like the sun from a distance 

But unlike the sun, 

I am to you

Of no single importance
I know all your noble suitors by name 

If love was required

 I’d win this game 

Just for your body, the trophy they came 

But for your love

      my wild heart is tame 
Tearing through the maize field

All day longing

         to see your face

My hunger is for your sweet embrace 

It has me sprinting a mile; 

         a life race 

A million wounds

        from the blows of a mace

Won’t hinder me 

        from gazing on you 

Clothed in beautiful  lace
On the thought of you 

        my mind does tarry

No-one but you

         I choose to marry

This burden my heart 

        can no longer carry

The blow of rejection 

         I can no more parry 
Meekness, cowardice I do cast away

I will profess my love today 

For her to love me back  O! Lord I do pray

The words I have chosen

          in perfect array
To your door I do walk up 

When I’m finally decided

 A room full of suitors 

Over which you presided
Then I feel faint; my courage has led me ‘stray

“Of course” I think “I can’t profess my love today

So I pick up myself and start running away

Your lover from a distance I prefer to stay

                                -2edged pen


Upon your beauty thus I do gaze 

Wrapped in each other; a perfect maze

I’m stung by your love; oh yes I am smitten

You woo me with eyes, cute as a kitten
There are no worries when my head on your bosom lies

All thoughts of the world and fear in my heart dies

My lips and yours can make perfect magic 

But when they do part it’s none short of tragic
The feel of your skin on mine is perfection 

On your neck I lay kisses to get all attention 

You yearn for me so, you can’t spell rejection 

In this we are together, no room for defection 
Into your very being I want a glance 

The journey puts you into a trance

From gradual strokes to a high tempo prance

Trust me, this ain’t my last dance
I lose my soul in this exercise 

I will take what I want; I’ll be precise 

You speak a lot by being concise

My body for you will  suffice
An angel at Eden’s gate; no way through

Only a peek into paradise I offer you 

Euphoria by midnight is long overdue 

The inferno within you burns so bright and true
From the ashes you emerge; a smile on your face 

This test of pleasure I passed with an ace

To prove my dominion against all others in the race 

To give you a peek into Eden;  that lovely place

-2edged pen


To always hear your voice is the miracle I hope for 

This season of love, people like you were made for

You are the reflection of love itself 

And this day is nothing without you 

So when I look at your pictures with a smile so true 

I can really say I LOVE YOU!!!
Why do you enchant me so? 

Why is it hard to watch you go? 

How am I so drawn to you? 

A kiss so perfect I will give to you

Everyday I gaze upon your beauty

And wander how you possess eyes so pretty 

To speak of your beauty I take as my duty

You are and always will be a song on my lips 😘😘😘
I cherish all the love we share

Amongst all, you I hold most dear

With you by my side I lose all fear 

You give me all the love and care 

Way more than I can really bear

So on this glorious day 

What more can I say 

You are love personified 

And your memory in my heart is always dignified 


From love, 

To love you everyday I solemnly swear 

Hold you in my arms and from your eyes wipe every tear

This ring, a token of my love, I will always wear 

Forever cherish our children which you will  bear

Your friends are my friends, I’ll hold them most dear

I’ll be there to comfort you in the face of your fear

They say our love is weird, that we are queer

We would kiss here, here and even out there 

They’d see you smile when I whisper in your ear

That just goes to show you how much I care 

Take my hand my love, our time is near

The days of crushing melancholy have finally ended 

Though with different personalities we are perfectly blended

My once broken heart by you is completely mended 

People cheer to see you in a gown, but I know it’s just an attire

You are beautiful no matter what you wear, to see you walk by I would never tire

Each time I do, it serves as fuel for my flaming desire

And like our mothers say ” never play with fire “

When all seems to fail, our love will see us through 

I’ll fight for you, for us, I’ll do whatever man can do

In this we are together, I’ll walk knowing I’ll be supported by you

Together we are one in this union,  though their eyes see two

These are the things I’d brood on when I say “I do “

                          To love 
© 2017 2edged Pen


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