(This poem was shortlisted for the 2017 KNPF AWARD) 


The subvertionist is planting turmoil in our backyards

Extending their ears to grasp the most silent

Of our conversation 

The greedy settlers arriving to make sure 

The message is carried through

They lacked eyes, they saw no nations

They saw tribes enslaved by greed

The subvertionists picked from us mouthpieces 

And now the deed is repeated

They join the looting


Blockage of machinery and skill

In the trampled land, shiny toys are brought 

To buy our minds

The crafts that used to be our identity

End up as antiques 

Unimproved and mocked 
This was the story a century ago

This is the story now 

History, that sneaky pest

Has creeped in while we celebrated freedom 

And slapped on our wrist another dose of servitude

Independence will never be complete

If citizens do not have a feel of latitude

©2017 2edged pen


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