INSOMNIA by 2edged pen


What troubles me so

         in the peak of the night? 

And upon my sleep

         places a blight 

The moon today is not so bright 

This sleepless feeling 

        doesn’t feel so right
Abandoned by sleep,  left to wander the dark

A night void of sound, 

          even a dog’s bark

Upon me insomnia has placed.               his unholy  mark 

And cursed me to carry him

    like the priests wielding an ark
Oh! how annoying is the owl’s call?

I shiver at the sight 

   of a tree’s shadow standing tall 

I search everywhere for sleep.          into which I can fall

The memory of my last dream

      I no longer recall
He waxes stronger 

       with each complete lunation

Devouring my mind

        with no compassion 

And when the night is down to completion

Leaves on my face

         a lasting impression 
If only I could meet this fellow in battle 

And prove to him I am not cattle 

This discord of ours I’d settle 

And then switch to empty tattle

For I have grown fond of my tormentor 

With him I can imagine; 

       hence he’s a mentor

Friends have passed

        but he remained true

I always expect him that made me rue
All evil I said I do take back

Insomnia return, Iā€™m one of your pack

I humbly accept this gift of your mark

I will not be tainted by sleep again;

            that unholy tack
Ā© 2017  2edged pen 


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