WE NEED OUR FATHERS  by 2edged Pen

Sing me, ye bards 
A mournful verse

Lull me to a deep sleep

Far from this sphere 

For when the battle swords 

have been down set

When the victors have 

taken their loot

When trees have burned 

down to the root

When the vanquished have 

scattered in shame 

When an end has come to 

this bloody game

What will become 

of the soldier’s widow? 

What comforts words will you speak

to his children, 

Eagerly waiting

 at the cottage window?

Let me tell you


Rich words but empty 

As the void in his home 

Shiny gifts but dull

As the visage of his loved 

Is it righteous

 to offer life for peace? 

When after life is lost

 peace too we miss .

© 2017 2edged Pen 


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