IN THE BARREL OF A GUN by Osalam (2edged pen) 

Long is the road 

        that leads to battle 

Longer the one

        that brings me back home

We are led in line 

       to the slaughter like cattle

From war I get to wear

        the title of gome
I was taught to fight, 

       but not to be violent 

Like teaching to speak

        then keeping me silent 

I was taught loyalty and fealty 

          to every tyrant

I was after all an ignorant aspirant 
What little they know of the demon in me

They look and only see what they want me to be 

A puppet soldier, 

    slave to their every command 

Blind loyalty from us, 

        they always demand
I will not acquiesce to being robbed of my will 

I stand at attention but

           I will not stand still 

To prove I have a choice, 

          any man I’d kill

So my deed be scripted 

        on paper with quill
So I’m gathered with some comrades of mine 

Under the moonlight at a quarter past nine

Whilst the victims to-be with their families do dine

This power and loyalty I will take and make mine…

©2017 2edged pen


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