Hold your breath and close your eyes 
Let imagination’s power within you rise

The world knows not and call them lies

But they are proof of Possibility’s cries 

Hold your breath and shut your ears 

To all the death and world’s fears

In this silence the ear hears 

More than shouts for a thousand years 

Hold your breath but let your nose

Replicate the fragrance of a rose

That has inspired many a prose

With beauty which only Heaven bestows 

Hold my hand let’s form a ship’s keel

So sailing together we can freely feel

Not by touch of skin which a dagger can easily peel

But by letting our minds slither through time like an eel

Hold your pen and hold your paper 

And imagine till your mind does taper 

To the point where you stand but feel like you caper

And sit upon a skyscraper 

Hold your sword and strike your foe

Let the auroral light of your mind grow

And take you beyond the reach of what man can know 

So the sea of imagination within you can forever flow

© 2017 2edged pen 



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