Poem – Low Tide by Osalam Wosu(2edged pen) 

Alas! The ship has arrived 

That floating bob of weapons of subvertion 

Wielded by sugar-tongued emissaries

 waiting to bleed our nation

Channeling broad pipes 

to our land for extortion

Milking the tears of our rich soil dry, 

branding it “colonization “

Could not the sea have vomited

 to us treasures from below 

Or even mermaids with enchanting beauty 

when the tide was low 

The hawk has descended

 to walk amidst the chickens 

The hungry wolf has donned a sheeply regalia

Our eyes are blinded

 to the fangs within and the claws beneath 

We forget the sword and admire the sheath

We are amazed at how perfectly tied the noose’s knot is 

And forget it snatches our power to breathe 

They have come to ravage our virgin lands 

with murderous intent 

Maidens! Sing no more exaltational songs for the warriors’ might

They have bowed to foreigners in servitude 

without a fight 

Pale-faced and greed-enriched with fire sticks 

and doom in sight 

Like ghost weed in fields of green, 

inducing a desert plight

They signal to us our left and our right

By stealing what is left and ignoring our right

Run, maidens, before you are lost to delusional promises 

Forget to shield your bosom 

and flee from imperialism 

Children hide in all nooks and crannies 

for fear of the beast

The pale-face one with a deathly smile and a friendly dagger

You fathers have treatied with traitors 

Tainting towns that towered then, 

tilting temptingly towards terrafirma 

Below sea level is not habitable 

yet our pride resides there 

The sea hath not spat on us cursed gems

 with magical glow 

But had sent us death itself 

when the tide was low

©2017 2edged Pen


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