Poem – Asunder…by Osalam Wosu 

In your arms’ warmth 

I wallow each day

But her memories in my mind 

Seem doomed to stay 

And haunt me always 

Till from you I am far away

And instead I am warmed 

In her arms each day

Our love

A sword that shivers the foe

But her smiles 

A dagger that parries the blow

Our kisses 

An exchange of life breath

But her kiss to me

 Snatches the breath from me

Your love is life

And hers is death

But like all men 

Death is a yes 

And life is a bore 

So to her kiss I guess 

I’ll lose my breath 

And to her love 

My life grows less

Asunder is a worthy blunder 

And the wonders of yonder I ponder 

At least till the storm comes 

Before you rain down the thunder 
©2017 2edged Pen


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