Poem – Succubus …by Osalam Wosu 

To sleep I do lie with stomach void 
And mind so full

To awaken I hope 

But my nightmares so pull

At the hem of my sanity 

To draw me into its pool 

For hope I do sleep

To awaken anew 

But the battle I dodged 

In daytime just grew

Ghouls claw at my  mind 

And not just a few 

So I hold on to time 

And together we flew

But from her reach

I dare not run 

Her domain I dwell 

When the sun is gone 

Seductress of realms infernal

Messenger of thrones eternal

My escape none but ephemeral 

The make of your touch chimeral

Pleasure and damnation

Spit me from your seas, o beastly one 

That my woes I might recount 

With my back on littoral 

© 2017 2edged Pen



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