Poem – Why?…by Osalam Wosu(2edged pen)


Why does the hen still struggle to fly? 

Why do only the good men die?

Why does touch make the mimosa recoil? 

Why for man’s sake did God curse the soil? 

Why do the strong still prey on the weak? 

Why must it be seven days that make a week? 

Why does the river pour into the lake ?

Why can’t our tears cause our dead to wake?

Why does true love still end up in pain?

Why do leaders chase after their own gain? 

Why do we smile even when our hearts are bitter? 

Why, in the face of death do even the bravest jitter? 

Why,  when I want not to speak, to write a poem I choose? 

Why do we play for fun then cry when we lose? 

Why do we claim to love God but dwell on perfidy? 

Why is “No man is perfect” the famed parody? 

Why does the sun not consume the earth? 

Why do our mothers suffer in childbirth? 

Why does friendship switch so easily to enmity? 

Why is money our only priority? 

Why and why? We always seem to ask

To find these answers I will make my life’s task

To reach up to God, offering my life; a sacrifice

Just to hear a word from Him will suffice

So when like Moses, I return from Sinai with a glow

I will pass on wisdom for all men to grow

“Every answer for us within God lies”

But man is too foolish to obtain before he dies.


©2017 2edged Pen


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