Poem – Lost Talent …by Osalam Wosu 

Why dost thou wither in that lonely bough? 
       must thou there remain cursed, forever lost?

Enchanting you once were – who knows you now? 

      Harmattan breeze wheezes  over again and again? –

      Silence’s embrace over thee, a fatal chain; 

Desolate,dumb and frail you are

       Like ravaged towers in desert dunes

        Once thy alluring tone to joy gave,

And many an embrace round your neck did entwine

         Of lads still betrothed to ladies,  young and fine

Those hands are cold – but by hands divine 

        May at last be wakened once again, 

         My lost talent return; a hill amongst this plain

Talented, though female, I will rise, shine and forever reign 

©2017 2edged Pen


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