When Death Comes Knocking… by Osalam Wosu 

Lock the doors, close the blinds 
’tis time for curfew

Fear places a grip on our minds 

And empties our streets except a few 

How can I feel secure? 

When Death herself is my bedmate

And alcohol is no cure 

From the vile face of Fate

Ring!  Ring!  Death is on the line 

Her voice gentle like that of a toddler’s sitter

“I am here to take what is mine “

“Resist, and the streets your bodies will litter “

“Wait a minute, let me ready myself”

“I am ready for you”, I quietly say

For this moment I have long prepared myself 

With many years in the bag, I am glad to slip away

“Worry not”, she says 

“my home is one of the best places you’d see

Every animal known and unknown; 

and every single tree

By following me you’ve paid the price, 

so all these are free”

“Are you not glad now

 that from your horrible life on earth at last I’ve set you free? “

©2017 2edged Pen


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