Poem – Krishna 

In the darkness 

a rain-wrought cage!

The God-Elephant swayed 

behind the bars of the Evil one!

Red lips nourished on butter 

and flutes!

With love, 

the gopi’s heartbeat galloped! 

The Jumna  quickened 

for dreams come true, 

and Brindavan’s bamboo forest 

was flute to that breath! 

The flute left it’s song in the air 

and made way for the kingdom’s glory; 

in a Mathura Palace, 

it nursed  the light.

In that smiling boy’s 

flute-holding finger grew

the thunder of Arjuna’s chariot 

and in that fluting breath 

the conch-shell trumpet of war!

In the bewilderment of war 

hear the Lord’s own song:

Here I come,  I come again 

in age after age of need! 

Again,  again after the darkness 

and the rain-wrought cage.

And there again, swaying

his trunk, the God-Elephant! 

-G. S.  Sivarudrappa 

©2017 2edged Pen


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