Horizon … by Osalam Wosu 

In the scrolls of the traveller 
I read of a haven 

Where the sun is born 

and back to rest, lies

Where the stars await 

   the sun’s nascence in  joy

And the monochrome of night 

explodes into a kaleidoscope 

of the soul of a rainbow’s song

I read how seas and land, 
       with arms abreast

            embrace one another 

                          in eternal amity.

I imagined the feel of dew

        as the sun weary does

                     smile at the moon 

                       though just a while.

I yearned to be by banks 

          intoxicated by it’s liquors 

              and fuel my imagination. 

Fuel my thought of nirvana 

I read in the scrolls 

               of the traveller 

          of a place called paradise 

and the gate thereof 


©2017 2edged Pen


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