There … by Osalam Wosu 


I was made king 

                with sceptre of love

My thoughts sailed straight 

        the iceberg’s  tip,  thoroughly shattered 

My face was caressed 

         in disbelief I yearned

               for that er’one did forbid.

My lips were kissed 

         and harmonies did dance

        an electrifying ballet across          them. 

My hands were held 

            and entwined fingers 

                 did let loose my soul 

My legs were warmed 

           by a fire that burns, nay

         By that which builds.

My eyes were looked into

             And these windows 

                   to my soul’s lair, 

   mated with another’s with no          care

My heart was worshipped 

         as gods,  sacred 

           Ne’er to shatter, or lose 

My face was touched 

  and I felt troubles

      Seeping from pores 

         Flowing away in sweat’s                guise 

My bed wasn’t empty  

    just a voice 

    Conjured a body, divine 

       Puerile seductions dance with        oxygen in the air.


        In her arms 

             Not yours…

©2017 2edged Pen 


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