Picasso In Love… by Osalam Wosu 

Across rivers 

In dainty languish her body summons mine 

Titillatingly, hoots draws me closer 

To a blend of forbidden colours 

On this bed-made-pallete 

To paint a masterpiece 

Of Eros in empyral euphoria 

Singing praises with harps 

Harmonizing with the moans 

As twin sounds of a primrose path womb

Oblivious to fires that around may burn 

The fire we ignite, real and prurient 

Each stroke kindling to the inferno 

As hay in harmattan 

Feeding its lust 

Devouring bodies that slither 
With  reckless abandon 

What is love devoid of the joy of lust ?

What is love if care is not less though a lot be lost?

Love is vague and lust is must 

Lust is art with which our bodies beguile

This painting is done, 

Though just a while

The rollicking subsided, yet you smile 

And speak the abraxas

“I’d love to paint again”

©Osalam Wosu (2edged Pen)


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