Shackles – Osalam Wosu 

The sun has ascended 

Time to mask behind smiles 

Time to laugh sorrows away

Time to endure and call it love 

Time to kiss and try not to flee

Time to submit and forget what it feels to be me 

For bound I am to shackles 

life does slap on my wrist 

Noon tells a prison tale

My brain rages to escape my skull’s enclave

My mirage of life ,the epitaph of my grave 

No hope I received, though my soul I gave 

A beggar’s mite my price

The paradise of a slave 

The sun sails westward 

In a colonial parody

My life scuttles downward

A Titanic raillery

The iceberg unseen, unheard 

The sea paints a picture of crimson 

In life I bleed 

In war I bleed 

Maybe death’s deal is worth a read 

In death I offer not my blood 

As atonement for torts 

No enslavement of sorts 

Our grave our forts 

Eternally unbound I’d be

       from life’s  shackles.

©2017 2edged Pen 


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