Hallowed Ground… by Osalam Wosu 

It’s soils tainted 

Grain by grain with sands of persecution 

Retribution had spread its seeds 

And corruption watered with poison liquors.

It’s shoots were kissed with the light of the hate sun

Petals were robbed of nectar by the bees ever busy 




It’s paradise once presaged 

Had been a prophesy, impossible 

The demons had embraced in a deadlock 

And it was left with none but badluck.

Remember the holy land 

Once honey and milk did drown 

Now our flag, our faces

 locked in an eternal frown

The virgin land on the aisle 

With tattered veil and tainted gown

Still clings to prophecy and the seer’s lies 

As moth to raging candleflame

Death, the only end to this daffy game. 

Our hope is ensconced beneath

Beneath the rocks we bow in worship

And the sea has flooded to conceal it further 

So against yourselves you fight,  killing your brother 

Rather than sail together

To a life better.

“Maybe if we sing loud enough 

The rock will upon us show mercy 

And our hope be disgorged from its belly within.”

So we kneel and pray 

And scream and shout 

The voice of dissent is none but a lout.

So we sit dejected but waiting 

“faith is the key” our motto amaranthine;

After the drought the land will be fine 

Blooming and resplendent “

Our utopian vision in which we are ever dependent 

But our never-never land 

Will never ever land 

It floats by over our heads as a hawk 

Eagerly stalking an unwary chicken.       

Those earthen moulds we did craft 

We poured our brains in and remained, daft

So wisdom spoken is none but a raft 

And we hope we may see a boat

So ignore the raft we must

In religion we trust 

Into the fires we’d go 

If our priests say

“this is hallowed ground “.

©2017 2edged Pen


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