Painfool…  by Osalam Wosu 



My voice is hoarse, but smooth my ink is 

My soul enraged, but soothe my smile will

My eyes shut blind, but bright my mind sees

My heart though broken,  but love it still will.

My skin is coarse, but cold I still feel

My mind has aged, but young my heart stays 

“I won’t” I say, but later I’d still

beg your return,  and weep sore for days.



The song has no life, but each day it plays 

For my ache to drown, by pouring it out 

again; the lyrics therein gibberish brays

but in their confusion  hope seems to sprout.

Is this Hope I see and hear 

for me to breathe and live again?

Or am I just familiar with Heartbreak’s lair 

And forever addicted to the pain?

– Osalam Wosu

©2017. 2edged Pen


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