Candles… by Osalam Wosu 

This poem uses metaphorically, the candle to signify most of the beautiful women today… 

                    – Osalam Wosu 


   The flickering flame

        flutters in my eyelids 

For me to come, it bids 

  and taste the brimstone flavour of its feathery fangs;

For me to reach out a finger 

  and swirl it’s oval image beneath the metallic moonlight.



It’s stand supreme atop the lofty tower of wax 

  Summoning sinsisterly for me to feel 

 And grasp it’s entirety, in my hand’s palm.

Colourful and calm:

The definition of sly

It yearns to teach me a lesson of pain 



As young and green a boy I am

To its advances a fool I’d be.

So with arm outstretched 

Plunged into the heart of its venom;

A lesson of pain well learnt  

Will part with my heart never.

-Osalam Wosu 

©2017. 2edged Pen


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