Rite of Passage… by Osalam Wosu 


The light ever bright burns 

At the tunnel’s cessation

So with an onward plod, my feet turns 

As I bask in the spectral rays of redemption. 

My vow incensed up to celestials, all-seeing 

Before their abode I deign my very being 

Foregoing by pain my fault of feeling

Assuming the mark of the sacrosanct coterie 

Atop this world; an illusion of besmirched finery.



Let the blood bespeak the path, pristine and right 

As songs to starless skies

         we hum at night;

Let their rhythm sculpt our feet aright 

And our hearts elate by their cadence; 

         august and untrite.

Let the drum’s eternal boom 

            quell our plight 

And the rattlings resonate our deeds of might 

For with pride-stricken shoulders we stand upright 

Together, an eternal brotherhood 

Till from life’s vehicle at our destination 

      we would alight. 

© 17:02  9/05/17 

2edged Pen 



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