Awkward Lullaby …by Osalam Wosu 

Into the garment of the night 

My eye snakes upward :

The moon chilly and pale 

The night drags for long, now stale

As stars to my eyes tell a sad tale. 

Breeze flows across all as blood through veins 

The night’s calm sweet but filled with pains 

The impeccable light blotched with darkness’ stains.

Barefooted across the fields I search for peace 

In the night’s perfection there is something amiss 

The blades of grass gives to my shins a gloomy kiss 

The sweet aroma of grass around signals bliss 

But that is what we seem to miss.

My pen in hand; sword for battle 

In the face of the shadows my courage may rattle

But slave I’d be not and follow like cattle

Till dawn across this illusion does shatter 

I and night will battle and batter 

Mirage of demons behind shadows lurking do shatter.

-Osalam Wosu 

©2017. 2-edged Pen


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