I kissed Minerva… by Osalam Wosu 

Pale and stricken

Stale and sickened 

To death I walked 

My sanity I stalked 

Folly was sweet 

It’s robe was neat

To him I held on 

And his essence on me fell on

Then out of dark did sprout

To water my mind, a spout

A lip with words gone scarlet 

That gave a branch of tenet 
So climb to wisdom I might 

And see the world aright

So to the lips I clung in an eternal kiss

And Minerva’s lips was beauty and bliss.

To shreds, Folly’s robe I’ve torn 

And the Sigil of wit I’ve proudly worn 

Minerva as bride on my arm I wed

And humanity blood onto the streets I’ve bled 

That my mind might be born deific anew 

 Minerva’s kiss hath gifted me a soul of gold; one askew 

Osalam Wosu 

©2017, 2edged Pen 


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