Hope in the Tirade … by Osalam Wosu 

If the knot that binds heaven’s loins was let loose 

And the land with rain was put to the noose 

If the element of life placed a dagger at your neck

And the crimson sins of our motherland was rendered free of speck

Would you with me walk beneath its showers 

And sing and laugh and kiss for a day and some more hours 

Would you my love, hold my heart and kiss my hand

And with feet bare dance aloof in the rain and lie in the sand  ?


I will hear above thunderous  tremors that terrify the heart 


Lest its ripples rip my frail heart apart 


My love, and outrumble  the rambling rain and his horrid counterpart


As swords two-edged in bloody barrage 


Fabrics of lasting apparels, and blossoms in empyral corsage 

My love

My pen 

Send words from Minerva’s boughs 

And my mind so water and feed

E’en in times when angels empty heaven’s troughs 

And with water and wind our peaceful land does bleed

-Osalam Wosu 

©2017. 2edged Pen 


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