ASCENT… by Osalam Wosu 


Hell hath it’s mouth opened 

And the Pit it’s depths deepened 

Downpour of souls into its belly 

Death and doom the fate of many.

We looked and looked but never saw

The fiery dagger that flailed us raw;

We heard and heard but never listened 

To the gospel that hath men’s feet hastened 



To realms of gold, pristine and pure

Of holy of holies, of celestial allure 

Did you hear?

The mighty onrush of iniquity’s hooves 

As beneath, our souls were thus trampled 

Till words caused seas to wave as the mountain moves 

And the veil that bade us not to see were thus crumpled.

Did you see? 

When the light supreme did shine 

And the dark and pestilence that did align

Were by its daggers pierced and slain

And peace and love replaced all the pain.

Down to the depths 

            and back up we sprang 

As melodies angelic

                        in our hearts rang

Our souls levitate 

                     to the footmat of the gates

Pearly and gold;

        as beyond,

                    the doorman waits

With opened seals and arms abreast.

How can we see when the light still blinds 

When the reins we hold serve as chord that binds?

Paradise is splendored with  saints and lifel

But the infernal lake with souls and strife

The way up starts beneath where our feet are lain

And there is no freedom without a cast iron chain.

But e’en in the silhouette as we walk through death’s hill

Our bodies are fueled by spritely fires of will

So onward we trudge, the glorious ascent 

From whence we came and there is no more descent

– Osalam

©2017. 2edged Pen


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