Anathema … by Osalam Wosu 

The sages that did my name proclaim 
At the drop of fountains that baptised my head 
Did with same lips spew forth my sentence 
And from my birth land cast me out hence.

So along the winding road of melancholy

My soulless eyes peered into a starless sky
And tales of I and my home did replay 
But smiles unlike always were dethroned by tears.

In the refuge I sought I feel no refuge 
And round me nostalgia spins and stains 
Like the eternal rota of the blood centrifuge 
As in fealty to strange tongues of aliens I kneel.

They that did send me forth to return after eternity 
Would see me walk in pride back home 
Even if in death my promise is fulfilled 
A smile on my face I would wear in the ensuing procession. 

Then they that bore the lies that had me cast  
Shall the burden of shame in pain bear 
That my return did outshine my expulsion 
The consummation of their worst fear.

-Osalam Wosu 
2edged Pen. 2017.


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