Let’s fight our gods … by Osalam Wosu 

We would sit in brotherly assemble 

Round-tabled Camelot knights, we would resemble 

Our voices though many but our heart as one 

The glint of our swords would outglow the sun. 

We swear by earth, blood and by fire 

To fight for our freedom and ne’er tire 

At night the kindling of our minds are ablaze set 

And maybe, just maybe, our wrestle with the gods is set.

We are men of golden resolve and they know 

We will conquer the island if we take up the oar and row

We will rule the sky if out spring our feathers esconcing our fears 

And o’er our eyes they conceal our tears.
Let the blood flow free and drown our captors 

They that we serve and who upon us feed as raptors.

Let our libation be venom as to Cleo the kiss of the asp

And at last our wits and freedom we’d clasp

Clasped, as the fetters that to our hands were bound 

And our foes gyrating, caroused around.

In the peak of their euphoria strike we will

And the camps of their brethren be rendered still

And the altars be desolate and ravaged of worth 

This shall be the gestation for our freedom’s birth. 

But will it bring forth peace when it’s time is due?


Battle begets battle.


2017. 2edged Pen.


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