Blotch On Priestly Robes… by Osalam Wosu 

​O ye that hails

as mouth of gods unknown 

And our sweat,  blood spent 

to you were sown 

Ye, who did mirror their thoughts 

And whose thoughts

 were their words alone 

You stood with apparel pristine 

And o’er all mankind as gods you were seen

But now the fibres 

Of your holy robe shines not 

Beclouded by stains of sin 

Against which you preached 

Now the incense fizzles overhead 

And plummets as anchored ships, sinking

Towards terrafirma 

And for the safety boat we search;in tears 

The procession 


We will partake in as well

All for the shame you wrought and brought 

And put a blotch on priestly robes 

2017. 2edged Pen


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