Do you remember 

The day of daunting duress

That hands and arms held you bare?

Do you remember 

That moment of murderous moons

That men and boys taught you fear? 


Do you remember 

That second that soulless serpents struck

They bit and stung at the essence that is you?

Do you remember 

The ravenous rapers that reaved your body

And how your toils were spoils for them to despoil? 

Sweet Aduke

Have you forgotten 

Or do your teeth still gnash at night never- ending

Crouching, creeping ‘cross the room 

Seeking consecrated catharsis?

Oh! Aduke  

Bound you were to whims of wimps

But now you forget feable fables of battles fought and lost 

I would be happy but my heart is dark 

And the despots that dared despoil 

I will sink my fangs into 

And return to dust.
-Osalam Wosu 
2edged Pen, 2017


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