Diamonds by Osalam Wosu 

An excerpt from my new collection,  yet unpublished…
 Divined like diamonds with dauntless allure 

Of sweet serenades sang by stellar souls 

This gift  lent from a heart divinely pure 

This gift flaming bright on friendships hot coals 
I will nurture till futures yet unseen 

I will nurture till aeons yet unknown

I will love till hates face is no more seen 

I will cradle till this gift is full grown 
This diamond in the stones of hearts unloved 

This smile in the midst of streets yet unnamed 

This refuge in the shade of those I loved 

This beauty raging wild will not be tamed 
We have scripted scrolls of scented love here 

In floods that rage, still our diamonds bear. 
© Osalam Wosu
© 2edged Pen, 2017 


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